ISSN 1817-5368 

Scientific journal “Fundamentalis scientiam” (lat. “Basic Science”) was established in Spain in the autumn of 2016. Its goal is attracting the masses to the interest of “knowledge.” We have immediately decided to grow to the international level, namely to bond the scientists of the Eurasian continent under the aegis of the common work, by filling the journal with research materials, articles, and results of work.

The scientist is a representative of science, carrying out meaningful activities to form the scientific picture of the world, whose research activities and expertise have been recognized by the scientific community in one way or another.

The main feature of the formal recognition of qualification is the publication of research articles in reputable scientific journals. You shall increase your own weight in the scientific community through cooperation with us, as well as you will increase the citation of your work, and will contribute to the development of the science of the entire continent!

Science in Spain has a long and unique history, characterized by the early onset of technological progress, but also by the alternation of different in significance and duration of periods of flourishing scientific inventions, their stagnation, and even decline. Our goal today is to attract more people into the science, in Spain, and on the Eurasian continent.